Factcheck: Did you know that 95% (!!) of the people who go on a strict diet gain all those lost kilos and even more once they go off the diet? 

Yes you read that correctly! Diets, fasts and all sorts of quick fixes don’t work in the long run unfortunately and that is why I want to encourage you to look for long lasting solutions to change your lifestyle for good. I’m here to help you turn things around so that you don’t feel like you need to constantly restrict yourself. 

I invite you to clean up your attitude towards food, towards your body, towards health. Its not a quick fix, not something that happens overnight, not something that a powder can do for you but consistent work. It’s about educating yourself, stepping up for yourself and doing the work each and every single day.

My blog is here to support you with all the knowledge, motivation and inspiration you need in order to create a healthy balance for yourself that feels great!


Things that cleaning up your lifestyle center around: 


  • Clean Up your Drinks: There is a lot of confusion and misconception when it comes to healthy drinks.

Coffee & Tea: Coffee is widely discussed and truth be told – it offers great benefits but also has its downsides. Nutritional science is not 100% pro or con coffee yet. While it can be a fantastic energizer and does contain some beneficial antioxidants, it can also cause anxiety, disrupt sleep and is often paired with unhealthy sugars, syrups or milk. Like with many things in nutrition, moderation seems to be key here. Try and keep it to a max of no more than 3 cups of coffee a day and even better: switch it up a little with some green or white tea or a cup of matcha. For everybody wondering what the heck matcha is and what kind of benefits green and white tea have to offer – I’ve written an article explaining why these teas are actually great for us and how to use and drink them.


Smoothies & Juices: Smoothies are a great way of loading up on many many different veggies and fruit. In fact, smoothies are a better choice than juices when it comes to getting in as many nutrients as possible. And that is because all the goodies, the fibre, vitamins and other nutrients will be more available in a smoothie than a juice which often ends up being sugary water rather than the healthy quick fix we often hope for. So save your money on expensive juices, get a good blender and stock up your fruit & veggie drawer!


  • Clean Up Your Diet:

Try and focus on wholefoods, which are not processed, do not come with an ingredient list and cook from scratch. Like that you remain in control over what enters your body. Ideally we want to opt for a plate that consists of 60% coloful veggies, 20% lean protein, 10% healthy fats and 10%  complex carbodhydrates. In case this leaves you wondering – What the heck are healthy fats and complex carbohydrates and why do I need them? – then I might just have something in store for you: I’ve created an online course in which I help you create a solid foundation in healthy nutrition and understand what food can do for you. It is packed with practical tips & tricks and lots of handy lists and recipes to use in your everyday life. Find more information about the course, prices and modules here.


  • Clean Up your Pantry, Storage:

A well stocked storage cabinet can be of tremenduous help when wanted to eat healthy on a small budget and without spending too much time in the kitchen.  I listed a bunch of products that I always have at hand in this post. They come in especially handy for creating a quick, delicious and nurturing lunch that will keep you full until dinner. With these staples at hand, whipping up a lunch bowl will take no longer than 5 minutes, you see, preparation is key.

Products that run a long ingredient list or contain things like hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup should end up in the trash straight away. Also, if you’re busy changing your lifestyle for the better, don’t set yourself up for failure by keeping bags of chips, cookies and chocolate in your storage. Clear out your storage regularly and make sure to stock up on the good stuff.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


  • Shopping Tips: Stay tuned to find out about my top three supermarket hacks and watch outs


  • Easy Prepping Tips: About spending your time in the kitchen a little more efficiently – More info will follow soon


  • Food Swaps: What you really should be munching and snacking on instead.. stay tuned!


  • Supplements: Some general rules and watch outs when buying vitamins, minerals and other supplements, more about this soon


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