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During the coaching sessions we’ll focus on a positive approach towards food and health. I want to help you create a healthy and loving relationship with food, help you understand how food can have a huge influence on our overall health – both mentally an physically – it’s all connected!

Knowledge is power. You’ll make better choices with the right information. I want to help you understand that dieting does not work in the long run and that healthy eating is an actual lifestyle.
We have all the information about what our body needs inside of us, we just need to understand and listen to the signals that our body sends out to us every day.

Let's have fun

Even though I am an expert in all things food, I am convinced of the fact that food alone can never be the answer. The key really lies in the connection between body, mind and soul. The coaching sessions always entail a holistic approach with food playing the main but not single role.

By approaching your situation in a positive way, I want to help you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is fun and enjoyable.

My mission is to reconnect people with their own bodies and to make healthy food available and easy for everybody.

I am Annalena, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Yogi and Orthomolecular Therapist in training. I am passionate about cooking, helping others and delicious food and I absolutely love sharing this passion with you.

I completed my education as an Integrative Nutrition Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York in 2017. Ever since then I’ve been working as a nutrition coach for both, private individuals and businesses. In 2020 I started with a new study in Orthomoleculair Therapy in order to deepen my knowledge.

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